Mid Review 10/12

October 7, 2018

Due Friday, 10/12. Start pinning up at 12:00pm in A106. Please also set up the studio model as a class at 12:00pm. We will be starting right at 1:00pm.

Please upload your digital presentation by 12:59pm to this Google Drive

Pin up on the wall
- Graphic Collage
- Graphic drawing

Physical Model
- Scale 1/8” = 1’-0”
- Building: Includes details, doors, mullions, roof tectonics, material line work (brick, panels, grids, etc.), graphic color/image, surface detail.

-Site: Includes details, ramps, stairs, landscape, tectonics, material line work (panels, grids, etc.), graphic color/image, surface detail, push and pull.

Digital Presentation


- Graphic image (already pinned up)
- Graphic drawing (already pinned up)
- Formal studies
- Shape studies
- Context (site and or concept diagrams)
- Please add additional images/drawings that are specific to your project such as precedents, other work, etc. 

Required Drawings/Renderings:

- Axonometric Rendering (x2)
- Roof plan (x1) 
- Plan (x1)
- Section (x1)
- Elevations (x2)