A6 - A8: Massing, Ground, Composition

September 26, 2018

Due Friday, 9/28.

For Friday, please submit a digital presentation. 10-20 slides total. Please have other images of building, objects, or concepts that relate to your project. Print a copy of your presentation before the start of class.

Using the techniques shown in class. Start to finalize your project massing and overall design look.

  • Produce digital plans, sections, and elevations. 
  • Cut slabs, identify program placement and SF.
  • Add tectonics and line work to the building surface.
  • Work on the ground condition. (Use graphic image to make decisions)
  • Start rending plan, elevation, and axonometric.

Please refer to the video tutorials below. Please upload your digital presentation to the dropbox here

Example Images


Video Tutorials

Spherical Envelopes


Rhino to Maya (Layers)

Basic Rendering, Lighting, and Image Mapping in Maya