A5: Axo and Elveation Drawings

September 4, 2018

Due Friday, 9/7.

For Friday, please print and pin the following:

1.  Create axonometric, plan, and elevation drawings of two objects. Make sure you make a true axonometric drawing by shearing the 3D model. Please refer to the video tutorials. Focus on ling weight and make the drawing have a relationship your original drawing and graphic image. Print the drawings out on 11x17 and pin up with the images from last week.

2. Pin up the drawing and image from last week. 

Please refer to the video tutorials below. Print and pin up before the start of class on Friday. I will be having an more outside guests review the work. Please also upload the drawings to the dropbox here

Example Image or one of the 11x17

Real Axo in Rhino

Make 2D in Rhino

Line Weights in Ai